I couldn’t make up my mind so

I have some friends that live in Boston and New York City that have been wanting me to visit them.  However this year I had to change jobs and my budget is spread thin. I want to spend time in both cities, but more than likely won’t have the funds until the end of the year to spend a fair amount of time in both.

So what do I decide to do? Take a 4 day weekend in April and see both!

I’ll start in Boston and crash on my best friend’s couch. While there we’re going to see the Golden Girls Drag Show and waltz around Walden Pond.

Then we’re both taking the train to NYC. While there I’m going to hunt down a speakeasy or two and check out Brooklyn Bridge. We’re also going to hit up as many restaurants as is humanly possible. Food = life after all. More couch crashing here, hopefully I’ll be able to afford a hotel later this year.

Even though its a short trip I’m very excited. I haven’t travelled up North before. Most of my adventures have been South and West. It’ll be fun to explore the Northeast!


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