Crusin’ Day 2

Seasickness sucks. Day two started off bumpy since we were passing by a storm. I couldn’t eat breakfast, couldn’t drink water, I just laid back in bed and waited for my stomach and the waves to stop churning.

The storm off the Lido Deck.

Then the spa called. I had booked a hot stone massage at 9:30 am. Ahck! Turns out where Dramamine and sleep couldn’t help, lavender oil and hot stones could. Plus the spa deck felt more stable than my stateroom did. I felt 100% after that. Even got to eat breakfast.

The rest of the day was spent lounging by the pool since the sun came out about 11:00 am. I also hit up the casino, my first time ever in one. Didn’t do too bad on the penny slots, decided not to try my luck on the card tables. I am a terrible poker player. 

Once night fell my friends and I hit the 70s themed night club for drinks and dancing. (So glad I bought the drink pass.) They have different themed nights at the club, and this night was white lightening. Everyone was encouraged to wear white and glowed under the blacklights. A very fun filled night until another dancer stomped on my right foot, practically breaking my ring toe! I had to limp around during our excursions, so take this advice from me, don’t wear heels or anything open toe. Save yourself.

Late on the first night I decided to lock away my cell phone and make this a technology free vacation. So I don’t have many pictures. But plenty were taken by the photographers on board. By then end of the cruise I spent 300$ on photos. Yikes! It was worth it; photos taken by the cruise photographers are photoshopped for you, no worrying about tan lines!


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