Cruisin’-Cozumel of the Clear Waters

First port day was Cozumel, an island off the Coast of Mexico on the Caribbean. Boy did I get an eyeful of blue water!


This is looking back at our ship, Carnival Freedom and another of their ships that I believe is either the Magic or Triumph. Check out how clear the water is! It fades from turquoise to cobalt and you can see straight down in the shallows. Being a water lover from the Gulf Coast of Texas, this was like a wonderland for me.


Cozumel to me had the feel almost of L.A. I know I just got some looks but hear me out.  People were everywhere and either dressed comfortably or super stylish. The bus ride we took reminded me so much of the one my aunt and I did in downtown L.A.; cars going too fast on a road not designed to carry the amount of traffic it does. Every car honks and yells at you, and there were expensive cars. I’m talking Bentley’s, and I did spy a Rolls Royce. There were little market shops all over the port, as well as the touristy surf shops and restaurants. My friends and I wandered about before our excursion with Dolphinaris Dolphin Swim.


I was mostly excited for the paddle-board portion of the excursion, as I’ve wanted to paddle on water that is not a lake or river. However because of the storm the night before they cancelled the open water portion of the tour.  Imagine a real obnoxious pouty face. My friend’s little boy who was with us really loved the idea of swimming with the dolphins until we got in the water. Everyone had fun, and it was an experience that I will remember as being more like a photo op with a dolphin. Once our tour guide explained what was going to happen after we rinsed off our sunscreen (to keep the dolphins from being exposed to those chemicals), we geared up in life vests and hopped in the pool. The guide explained how dolphins breathe, how their skin sheds, and about their diets. Then he had Electra, the dolphin we were with, show us a few tricks then lined us up for our photos.

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That is Electra and I showing off our kissy faces and doing a trick. Once our photos were done we were led out to go shower off and enjoy a buffet. I was hoping to enjoy some authentic Mexican cuisine at this point, but we had tacos and nachos. Luckily drinks were included and I kept drinking Blue Hawaiians until it was time to go back to the port and find souvenirs.

Now for the excursions I bought a fanny pack! Flashback to the 90’s of giant belted pouches that made you look like you had a growth coming out of your body. The one I bought is from T.J. Maxx and found it in their fitness department. It lays flat and is large enough for your essentials, money, passport card, and sail & sign card.  Click below to view a similar one.

Dimok Running Belt Waist Pack – Water Resistant Runners Belt Fanny Pack for Hiking Fitness – Adjustable Running Pouch for All Kinds of Phones iPhone Android Windows

I bought plenty of shot glasses of course, Christmas ornaments, and magnets in the shape of a sombrero. Oh my goodness I found a rum cake shop and let me tell you, that was all gone before I got back on the ship! Once on the ship, we had enough time to clean up and make it to dinner. At the formal dining they will have themed dinners where the chef’s feature cuisine from the port you were just in. There was Chile Rellenos with rice and beans, or for the less adventurous you could still order their regular menu of steak, chicken, and either pork, lamb, or fish. Of course there was tequila! Too bad I didn’t get any food pictures, next time!


Be on the lookout for Cruisin’- You Better Belize It!!!
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