Cruisin’- You Better Belize It!

First look at Belize!!! I have to admit, this was my favorite port. The ship dropped anchor off the cost and we rode a smaller boat in.

Once on land, we waited for the tour guides to come fetch us for the excursion. I picked this excursion and am so glad I did! Tubing on the Sibun River. (This is comparable to the excursion we went on.

We were picked up by two guides in an old school bus who explained to us that there are not really any stop signs or lights, more speed bumps and good luck. Yikes! It was an interesting ride through the city. 

The guides pointed out the buildings and houses we passed. Only those that are wealthy have windows and electricity. Some are lucky to have shutters made of plastic or wood; most people don’t have anything and hang sheets to keep out bugs and live in houses made of concrete. Everyone we passed by and spoke to were very friendly and welcoming. 

The bus drove us through swamp and passed mountains before arriving at our entry point for the Sibun River. After donning life vests and helmets we hiked to the River. On the way we got to sample a local snack fresh off a tree, termites! They taste like bland mints and had a pop rock like crunch when you bite in. Try one when you go and see for yourself!

Unfortunately we visited in the wrong time of year to catch iguanas, monkeys, or toucans (I really wanted to see toucans). We found small bats clinging to shady rock and spotted one lazy iguana on a branch while going over a little rapid.

The bard were the same shade as the rock and are hard to spot with a cell phone, next time I’ll have a better camera.

This particular excursion didn’t go through caves, which we didn’t mind. It was so nice and sunny, so I’ll catch the caves next time.

 After the drifting was done we dined on coconut milk rice and beans with spiced chicken. I sampled some of the cashew wine, which wasn’t very appealing to me. Cashew wine is a very popular wine in Belize, it reminded me of a very dry red with too many nutty hints for me. So I got a coconut, drunk down some of the water, and refilled to the brim with rum, much more delicious!

Belize was very welcoming. From the people, to the barrier reef, through swampy jungle, Belize feels like a sunny day spent in a hammock. 11 out of 10. I recommened going to Belize and I plan on going back for an extended stay.
Up next, Mahagony Bay! 


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