Top 5 Essential Items I Wanted on My Cruise

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They say hindsight is 20/20 and seeing as this was my first cruise, I wasn’t 100% sure of what I would need while on the ship. If I had to do it all over again I would have made damn sure these items went with me on board. 

#1 Waterproof Pouch for Phone

I could have had my phone with me to take pictures while lounging poolside drinking mai tais. Oh well..

#2 Power Strip

Three grown women trying to share ONE plug while getting their hair ready for Captain’s Dinner almost started WWIII. (We wound up finding an additional plug while hunting for a shoe, but this still would have been handy to have)

#3 Travel Mug

I am an unashamed coffee addict; to me there is nothing worse than small coffee mugs that I have to keep going inside to refill when I’m trying to enjoy a beautiful sunrise over the sea.

#4 Hanging Toiletry Bag

There just isn’t enough counter space in bathrooms on board cruise ships. This would have been SO HELPFUL. 

#5 After Sun Lotion

Packed the sunscreen and forgot this. I would have gladly given my left arm to have some of this after Mahogany Bay. (Stay tuned for that story)
Next cruise I’ll definitely pack these. I’ll also make sure not to overpack like I did this trip; seriously I took half my closet with me and wound up in shorts and a bikini 85% of the time. Now that I know how much space is under the beds, I would have brought smaller suitcases that fit inside each other to slide underneath. 

Would you add any additional items to this list? Comment below and share!


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