Cruisin’- Sunburns and Hurricanes in Honduras

Really the port was Mahogany Bay, a beautiful white sand beach framed by lush green mountains.

Gorgeous! This port we didn’t schedule a thing. No excursions; just hang out on the beach and wander about.

Shipwrecks from a hurricane in the past sitting close to our ship. This influeced some (drink) decisions later. Made me very glad we didn’t run into a hurricane on our way. The storm we did encounter was enough for me thank you very much.

Carnival apparently owns a beach here?! Which is where we spent most of the day. There were lawn chairs under trees for free or you could rent a giant chair large enough to hold 4 people with it’s own shade next to the water for a fee. A man in what looked like a tiki hut sold rum in coconuts, there was a massage hut, and one of those Fat Tuesday chain bars. Guess where we wound up? At the bar, got souvenir cups filled to the brim with hurricanes and nachos cause duh, then chilled and played in the bright blue ocean. 

Now here in the U.S. when you order a mixed drink 95% of the drink is a sugar/juice mix of some kind and 5% actual alcohol. Imagine how unprepared I was when I realized my hurricane was all rum and maybe 2 shots of juice. 

Pre cruise I can only recall one instance of me passing out drunk. Guess what happened to me? Passed out like my friends six year old on a lawn chair. Unfortunately I was in the sun. Que up one hell of a sunburn.

Once I woke up I felt good enough to swim and wanted to rent one of those giant water tricycles, but instead we went and wandered about the port. The shops were very busy, and the shopkeepers were very much wanting to get you in and out of line. Every local I ran into not working was very friendly and welcoming. Wandering about Mahogany Bay reminded me of wandering the county fair as a kid. Lots of fun, friendly people, and exciting things to do. One of our friends went zip lining and played with monkeys. A couple I talked to later during dive in movie night went snorkeling. 

All in all Mahogany Bay was more about relaxing than adventure, but there was still enough happening around to keep you entertained if you wished.


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